Match Report – NCCU U100 Lancashire v Yorkshire

Battle of the Roses (again)

The annual battle of the roses took place again over the chessboard,  the first team up this season was the U100 team.  The venue Bury. The date, Sunday 2nd December 2018.

Report from Bill O’Rourke

We seem to have a good rounded u100 squad this year, that essential mixture of some old pros and some strong youngsters. The target we have set is to try to go one better than beaten national finalists last year.

We got off to a great start in that aim when young Kyden Waite, playing his first county match, had a smooth win, taking advantage of his opponent’s inaccuracies. And then fellow youngster Thisumi Jayawarna weighed in with a faultless victory to make it 2-0. John Crompton was working on the assumption that even good youngsters tend to be a bit weak in the endings and so it proved in his match when he ground his opponent down with two bishops versus two knights, 3-0.

Aisha Benhamida outplayed her young opponent on board one. Extremely sadly, when she had done all the hard work, she saw a mirage that she thought was checkmate only for her opponent to take her queen for nothing! We’ve all done it once in our chess careers, and learn never to have to suffer it again! 3-1. Peter Wallace played an excellent technical ending making it 4-1, and when Jason Chapman kept his concentration up throughout his game we were 5-1 and approaching the winning line. 

A couple of draws for Shaun Tumelty (who came back well after losing the exchange) and Rachel Horton (she and her opponent felt any progress for either player was going to be difficult in a stodgy position) mean it was already 6-2. James Wildsmith made up for losing some time in the beginning by claiming the draw that made it 6.5-2.5 in a rook and pawns endgames.

We then suffered a couple of reversals when Jeff Wilson went under in a game that for a long time looked quite even, and Goodchild Ndou finally succumbed in a topsy-turvy encounter that was very sharp, making it 6.5-4.5.

Gary Bennett closed off the match with another victory, 7.5-4.5. This was important because Gary had been the exchange down but stuck to his guns and eventually checkmated his young opponent to win his first county victory.

Benhamida, Aisha9901Yang-Turner, Fraser66
Wilson, Jeff9801Parkhouse, Max84
Wildsmith, James970.50.5Clarke, Sylvan82
Wallace, Peter9610Feather, Harry92*
Ndou, Goodchild9601Riddle, Alan79
Crompton, John A9610Sandhu, Zoravar S75*
Chapman, Jason9010Armitage, Mark70**
Tumelty, Shaun870.50.5Robinson, Sean70**
Horton, Rachel870.50.5Halpin, David61
Bennett, Gary8210Ragu, Sachin68*
Jayawarna, Thisumi7510Vineeth, Siddharth42*
Waite, Kyden6510Wale, Benjamin15**
* = Rapid** = Estimated