RIP – Allan Dunkerley (1949-2018)

Sadly we have to report the death of Allan Dunkerley of Rochdale Chess Club on July 11th.

Allan was a regular for Rochdale chess club for many years. Chess was a major part of Allan’s life and became a major outlet for dealing with autism. As a result he used to play regularly for Lancashire county teams before he found the travel too tiring. Allan was very much a Rochdale man, having worked in London in the civil service as a young man and finding the isolation not to his liking.

Allan’s funeral service took place at Rochdale crematorium on July 20th and his sister Eileen gave an excellent potted history of his life. His family were very pleased to see an excellent turn out from Rochdale, Heywood and Oldham players.

Allan passed away after a battle against cancer. In the words used famously by Allan at the end of each chess evening – “I’ll be seeing you in due course”!

Players at Allan Dunkerley funeral

A true gent!

Over the years I have played a number of games against Allan in the Central Lancashire Chess League.  Our games have always been interesting.  Allan was a true gentlemen over the board and a pleasure to play.   He knew his endgames well,  many a time I tried to outfox him but he seemed to find the way through the complications. 

He will be sadly missed, and a reflection on life in general – in terms of we just do not know what will come next –  our last game was only a few months ago.   This time I got the better of Allan, but he was tenacious to end, as always!