Match Report – U120 Lancashire v Yorkshire

Venue: Bury Bridge Club on 15th April

Report by Bill O’rourke

Having both lost to Merseyside, the winner of this match would proceed to the national finals. Played at the very comfortable Bury Bridge Club, a tight match was in prospect. It was really good to see both teams fielding three youngsters. One of these, Aisha Benhameida, was offered an early draw in a slightly better position and took it., 0.5-0.5. It was an hour later before her brother Mohammed finished the 2nd game, winning a very nice rook and pawn endgame to give us a 1.5-0.5 advantage.

Fifteen minutes later a spurt of results came in and all favoured Lancashire. Mark Southby converted an early advantage, young Shaked Nussbaum kept adding incremental advantages to his position until he broke through and Frank Bishop finished off neatly in a game where he always held an advantage. So an early lead of 4.5-0.5

Neil Jerzynek was canny enough to know we held a good lead and took a draw, 5 -1. As always you get a slight knock-back – Tony Jinks missed a tactical shot against him in the early middle game and although he tried everything to get back into the match, he went under to make it 5-2.  Peter Hurn was a pawn down but played very accurately to force the draw In another rook and pawns ending, 5.5-2.5 and just short of the winning line in this 12 board match. Steve Crook’s game was completely closed down and a draw agreed in a position where he who tries to make a breakthrough probably loses! 6-3.

It was down to Paul Latham on board 2 to see us over the winning line in another very well controlled game where he saw off his opponent’s king side attack and converted his material advantage, 7-3. Jeff Wilson finally defeated a very good youngster to make it 8-3. Ken Gorman had been fighting a rearguard action having gone the exchange down, but went under with his opponent running short of time. And so a good 8-4 victory in the end.

This win takes us through to the ECF national Quarter finals where we will meet Norfolk in the East Midlands on Sunday 13th May.

1Jerzynek, Neil1190.50.5Steve Harrington111D
2Latham, Paul11810Rodney Mitchinson109D
3Southby, Mark11610Stephen Burton106A
4Bishop, Frank11510Samuel J. Playford107A
5Gorman, Ken11401Howard Brears108C
6Crook, Steve1110.50.5Ivor Timmis99F
7Jinks, Anthony10801Brendan BriggsU/G
8Nussbaum, Shaked10710Paul Masiak88C
9Hurn, Peter1040.50.5Harry FeatherU/G
10Wilson, Jeff10010Sara Hussain95D
11Benhameida,Aisha640.50.5Sylvan Clarke79A
12Benhameida,Mohammed5210Zoravar SandhuU/G