The Two GingerGMs

Not meant in a disrespectful way!  Most people will know about the famous (or is that infamous) GingerGM @GingerGM – otherwise know as GM Simon Williams.  Regular views to his channel will know he plays a fair amount of online chess. 

Our very own GingerGM (well know quite GM level yet) is Martyn Hamer, otherwise known as @MerryHatMan.

What would happen with the two GingerGM’s clash?

The YouTube video is available for all to see how Martyn gets on. 

Martyn gives Simon a good game, and a sign of the respect from Simon, is that he played the game positional rather than his gung-ho “Push Harry……..” style that he is famous for.

Of course, Martyn would have done better if Simon was not getting so much help from this channel observers!

Enjoy the video!