Match Report: U120 Lancashire v Merseyside

A great venue at Winnick and excellent refreshments provided the perfect conditions for serious chess. We could not have had a worse start though. One of players failed to find the venue and returned home. 0-1. All of the games were very close. I had Jeff Wilson down as somebody who appeared to be making good progress, but his opponent Jim Moran put on his tin hat, buckled down and after an inaccuracy from Jeff took control and converted it to a win, 0-2, Ian Mitchell took a draw as he could not see a way forward, 0.5-2.5. Scott Ramsbottom looked slightly better, but left a discovered check that was so devastating that he resigned immediately, 0.5-3.5. When John Regan went down as well. things did indeed look bleak at 0.5-4.5. 

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