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Changes to Website

For some reason, the ‘blog’ was not working as intended.  This is now fixed, click on the ‘Lancashire Chess News‘ link in the menu to get all the latest detailed stories.  This section will be used for small items

Looking for Junior Chess

The Juniors now have their own site, pop over to check the latest news, reports and chess puzzles for Juniors.  Next Junior Congress details will also be   here

Current Issues

The URL links within each of the club details have been stripped out during the migration of the data, this was due to how they were stored originally. *Ongoing*


Lancashire Chess Association was founded in 1897, and is a voluntary organisation that exists to promote chess in Lancashire at both adult and junior level.

The Association is run by officers who are elected at an Annual General Meeting each year.

You can contact any officer using the contact page.

The current team are as follows:


President Bill O’Rourke
Secretary Peter Barlass
Treasurer Martyn Hamer


If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions or have an enquiry for one of the Lancashire Chess Association officials, please use the contact form below.