County Captains for 2015/2016

Open - Mike Conroy

U180 - Bill O'Rourke

U160 - Bill O'Rourke

U140 - Dave Almond

U120 - Dave Thorp

U100 - Steve Crook

Lancashire are the new OPEN and U140 champions, after a tense battle in the finals at Lemington Spa.  The U160 team unfortunately fell to a strong performance from Yorkshire.  Some games are included in the full report, check them out as there are some great moves!

OPEN - Lancashire 8 - 8 Yorkshire - Lancashire won on board count, with Brett Lund securing the all important draw with the last game to finish.  It was a tense finish, with the board surrounded by both teams.  Brett held his nerve, opting to go into a drawn ending swapping Queens off.  Brett could have won a piece, but this would have left the Queens on the board and mating chances still for Yorkshire - the pragmatic choice from Brett ensured a draw and the OPEN title for Lancashire.

U160 - Lancashire 6.5 - 9.5 Yorkshire - alas, the U160 were unable to repeat their success from a couple of years ago.

U140 - Lancashire 9 - 7 Nottinghamshire - Lancashire managed to sneak over the line, it was a very even contest throughout the day.

Lancashire was represented in 3 of the semi-finals.

The OPEN, U160 and U140.

Not sure of the exact reasons, but Kent forfeited their match in the open, so a 16-0 win for Lancashire and a walkover into the final where there will meet up again with the White Rose of Yorkshire. 

The U160 team had a great win against Middlesex, running out winners by 11-5, and once again the final will be a matchup against the White Rose county!

The U140 team had a closer match against Worcestershire who were the current holders.  Both teams put our strong teams, and the result was 8-8 with Lancashire winning on board count (31 v 33).  The last match to finish deciding it in Lancashire's favour with a draw.  However, see the full report below for an exercise in Queen and Knights!  The U140 team play Nottinghamshire in the final, having beaten Yorkshie 8.5-7.5 - so we were denied a clean sweep in terms of War of the Roses finals.

Finals take place on 1st July, so now it is a case of organising 48 players to get down to the finals!

Finals day will look like this.

OPEN Lancashire  v Yorkshire
U180 Devon v Middlesex
U160 Lancashire  v Yorkshire
U140 Lancashire  v Nottinghamshire
U120 Middlesex  v Essex
U100 Leicestershire  v Warwickshire
Minor Suffolk  v Lincolnshire

This weekend, it is Semi-Final weekend for the ECF County Championships.  Lancashire are represented in the OPEN, U160 and U140 sections.

The draw, according to the Oxford Fusion site run by Roger Thetford have the Lancashire opponents as follows:

OPEN - Lancashire v Kent

U160 - Lancashire v Middlesex

U140 - Lancashire v Worcestershire

Yorkshire are represented in the other semi-finals for these sections, so possible clash of the roses at the final beckons!  Good luck to all the players!


Lancashire have been busy recently in the ECF County Championship, with some mixed results.

 OPEN Lancashire 9.5 - 6.5 Middlesex
 U180 Lancashire 6.5 -9.5 Essex
 U160 Lancashire 9-7 Suffolk
 U140 Lancashire 10-6 Hertfordshire
 U120 Lancashire 6-6 Worcestershire *
 U100 Lancashire 4-8  Leicestershire

Full Results below

Roses Lancaster

The annual "war of the roses" took place on Sunday 5th March at Bury, close to the Yorkshire border.

During the preliminary stages of the NCCU matches are a 12 board affair.

Lancashire were at a new home venue ,courtesy of Bury Bridge Club, at the Bury Athenaeum.

Fitted carpets, comfy seats ,coffee percolator, centrally heated. The venue is oppostie the Bus and Tram station between 2 pubs and with plenty of parking.  

So as a playing venue, perfect for the avid chess player!   Board average, Lancashire 130 and Yorkshire 123. A slight advantage to Lancashire?  No, from experience the grade differences in these matches are wiped away - after all it is the "war of the roses" matchup.